Darren Schlechter


Outstanding Results

By Stacie Peterson / Sioux Falls, SD

Darren has been training me for a short time. I have never stuck to a program for very long, but this one is somehow different. Darren is constantly helping me with my form so I can get the maximum results that I am looking for. He has taught me so much more in our sessions than just about exercise. He takes a look at all facets and then helps me improve on them (from eating to exercise he has it covered). Darren also educates you in the process, he encourages you with the why and motivates you with the how. He truly is amazing and I actually for the first time enjoy going to exercise. I have recommended him to many people because I am confident that he has what it takes to make it happen no matter your stage in life.



By Connie Derousseau / Sioux Falls SD, USA

Earlier this year I wanted to give myself, let’s say, a challange but didn’t know where to go or how to accomplish that challenge. So I decided to start looking for a trainer, and what I found was a Very Educated “Dedicated to your Needs” kind of one! I was always able and willing to get up and start working out at home for the convience of it but everything I tried I either got bored, or did the excercise dvd wrong and hurt myself. So one day I asked Darren for some training tips. I hadn’t talk to Darren since the highschool days and was interested by all of his interest in being a personal trainer . I discovered that Darren was exactly what I needed to get the results that I was looking for!! His training skills are “RIGHT ON” especially when it comes to techinque!! Darren has taught me so much!! Everything from proper kettlebell swings to nutrition, Darren was always throwing out little tips that made a HUGE difference! Each week I kept gaining confidence thanks to him and I am doing his classes twice a week now . Darren keeps training FUN !! Always pushing you to that next level. He has made me reach goals that I didn’t realize was possible but now I know that I can accomplish anything !! Thanks Darren !!

 Teaching to be Healthy

By Steve Youngberg / Dell Rapids, United States

I have just started to to train with Darren and think of the old saying give a man a fish he will eat for a week or teach a man how to fish and he will eat the rest of his life. That is exactly what Darren has done for me when it comes to attaining my fitness goals and maintaining great quality of life through proper technics of lifting and eating. The road I am traveling will leave doctors and chiropractors behind me, and painfree strong living in front of me. I broke my neck 3 years ago and still have not fully recovered, yesterday was the very first time I could feel the lats in my left side start to fire off which have been weak since the accident and my lower back feels so much better with the exercise Darren showed me to loosen my spine. I drive a truck and throw freight all day long and the technics Im learning will allow me do this which I love the rest of my life. I am 46 and getting into the best shape of my life … pain killers and blood pressure meds and prilosec sounds like recipe for disaster to me. How does this sound?  Proper excercise and eat the right foods to let your body build and grow the way God intended it to. Thanks Big D for showing and helping put me on the right path.