Darren Schlechter

Fitness & Non-fitness things to do, AND not to do when you are sick, or getting sick.


Hey Guys! Just want to drop a few little pointers today. Its the beginning of cold season, so if you are feeling sluggish and tired, there is probably a good chance u are starting to fight some kind of sick bug.

Things to do when you are sick, or getting sick:
1. Get as much sleep as possible… Sleep is the bodys mechanic, it will fix you if you give it enough time.
2. Drink plenty of water/liquids. (Soda/coffee doesn’t count)
3. Consume plenty of good calories, and maybe even some bad calories. Your body needs fuel to recover.
4. Stay warm, this is the perfect time for sweat pants and hoodies. (With that being said, the next time you leave your house in sweats and a hoodie, people will probably think you are sick… just sayin’)
5. Relax! Rest! Recover! Epsom salt baths are always a good idea. But bubble baths are ok too. (find a rubber ducky to keep you company)

Things NOT to do when u are sick:
1. Workout! You are only doing yourself harm when u train when u are sick. You are also going to get a bunch of other people sick at the gym… Don’t be an A-hole. If you feel u MUST contribute to your fitness… Spend a little time foam rolling, stretching, or planning your next training evolution, and then spend the rest of your fitness time in the kitchen baking chicken or potatoes or whatever. You can never do too much food prep, right guys?
2. Take a bunch of cold medicine to feel better, so you can continue with regular life. Acceptable medicine would be maybe something that helps you sleep. Otherwise, if you are sick, you should feel sick, that will encourage your body to rest and recover, instead of going out, running errands, etc. etc. Your body is telling you to rest, you should listen.
3. Starve yourself. We all joke that we are one stomach flu away from our target weight goal, ha ha… but its obviously a joke, who cares what the scale says.
4. Drink lots of caffeine to stay alert and awake. Its tough to take a nap when u are all wired up on redbull or whatever. Drink some nice hot soup instead.