Darren Schlechter

Stick to “IT”


Stick to “IT”

  Last winter,  I was struggling a bit with my workout programming. For times like these, I make sure I  buy these paper things called “books” to read (and read again) occasionally.  As I read Dan John’s “Never Let Go” for the 3rd time, I rediscovered a great workout protocol  in the book, and BAM, I was ready to get to work!  Then I began to consider what additional things I could include in the workout to REALLY push myself…  (big mistake) I overthought it, and began to plug every single exercise I’ve ever done into this already established protocol, and after at least an hour, I sat back and looked at all the scribblings that I had done, crumpled up the paper, and put that nonsense where it belonged, in the trash can.

  Well, I was EXTREMELY lucky to have actually meet Dan John a few years ago at a strength workshop, and through a few exchanges of emails, he gave me his cell # and told me to just call him one afternoon.  He was just recovering from a hip proceedure and had some extra time on his hands to chat with me.  In a quick conversation with Dan, he advised me that when it comes to workouts, no matter what “IT” is, stick to “IT.” If you find that it was too ‘easy’ after you’ve completed the protocol, you need to challenge yourself on the next one.  If you can make an easy exercise difficult, the difficult exercises WILL become easier.  So, as advanced as we all think we are, or how advanced we all think our clients are, we don’t really need overly elaborate workouts with 25 different exercises.  Do “IT”, perfect the desired techniques, push your limits, succeed!  Simple doesn’t necessarily mean EASY, Thanks Dan!

  My advice: Set a monthly goal, and for most people, that goal would be to stick to a plan for the entire month.  After one successful month, draw up another plan for the next month, and stick to “IT”