Darren Schlechter

Stick to “IT”


Stick to “IT”   Last winter,  I was struggling a bit with my workout programming. For times like these, I make sure I  buy these paper things called “books” to read (and read again) occasionally.  As I read Dan John’s “Never Let Go” for the 3rd time, I rediscovered a great workout protocol  in the […]

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Train what’s trainable


What does that mean? Well, if you’ve frequented the weight room or completed in physical sports, you’ve most likely found yourself with a ding, scrape, tweak, or even worse… a major injury! Unfortunately,it happens to us all, and that’s what makes good trainers great, and separates great trainers from the majority of average, clipboard holding, rep counting, steak head trainers out there.

For those of you that don’t know, I had reconstructive shoulder surgery in November 2009 after a snowboard incident involving newbie crashing into me. I have since recovered completely and, in fact, have been setting PR’s in the gym over the last few months (with the help of the TWT philosophy). And, like the majority of competitive lifters, I’ve also dealt with the occasional ding or tweak.

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